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Activator, the App That Gets You Moving!

Endosys, LLC launches kickstarter to create revolutionary health app that inspires people to get moving throughout the day.

Today, Endosys, LLC has launched a kickstarter project (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/652555788/activatr-the-app-that-gets-you-moving) that will inspire individuals to move in order to live healthier lives. The app promotes walking and running throughout the day by monitoring daily activities and producing alerts when it's time to get up and move! The app will learn individuals activity trends in order to produce timely alerts and coaching tips. Activatr will work on Android and iOS although iOS is planned to be released after the Android version.

Inspiration for the app is based on new research indicating the harmful effects of sedentary lifestyles and the benefits of small amounts of motion throughout the day as well as campaigns like the the Let's Move campaign.

Inactivity is terrible for your health. It seems like every day a new scientific report is published about the detrimental effects of a sedentary lifestyle. The following is a short list of some of the many harmful effects of prolonged sitting:

- Reduced lifespan by as much as 22 minutes per hour of sitting.

- Organ damage, poor circulation, poor mental health.

- Reduction in creativity and general happiness.

- Three to five hours or more can cause; diabetes, cancer, obesity, premature death, and heart disease, among others.

Endosys, LLC would like individuals to participate through their kickstarter campaign as well as their mailing list (http://activatr.endosys.com). On top of that, Endosys, LLC, is performing interviews to those who would really like to be involved so that they can design the best possible product to everyone who wishes to become active in the hopes of increasing their lifespan and enjoying the rest of their lives to the best of their ability. Sign up and participate today http://activatr.endosys.com.

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