Achieving The Perfect Beach Body Is Within Reach By Performing Three Simple Workouts

Fitness trainer Jordann Campose presents three specific workout routines that can be performed once a week during the winter months in order to achieve the body everyone is striving for before beach season starts.

WorkoutHealthy has posted a series of workouts on their educational fitness blog that hold the promise of the perfect beach body. WorkoutHealthy was founded in 2007 and is a family-owned company that sells a complete range of workout equipment and sports nutritional supplements. The company's website features all of the products and also features the blog which includes a series of physical fitness articles that help all fitness minded individuals achieve their fitness goals.

This latest blog article hits on a topic that is important to many who start an exercise program shortly after the first of the year; how to find the best way to work on a beach body during the long winter months. Written by fitness enthusiast Jordann Campose the article provides a workout routine designed to produce ripped bodies and increase overall strength. Readers will find three workout routines. Each routine has been created to maximize the muscles of the back and shoulders. According to Campose these are the muscles that are essential to achieving the perfect beach body.

Each workout includes a series of exercises that cover the entire body. The three workout routines presented will produce a great beach body if performed once a week with a day or two of rest between workouts. What makes the article so valuable is that each routine is full described and readers will learn how to correctly perform each exercise to achieve the maximum benefit. There are even videos demonstrating some of the weight lifting routines so that there will be no doubt how to perform the exercise most effectively.

The WorkoutHealthy physical fitness articles have proven to be very popular with those who visit the company's website. In addition to their website and educational fitness blog the company also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. To learn more visit the WorkoutHealthy website at

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