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Ace3 Announces a Cash Bonus on Players Every Deposits

Ace3 is a global website which has been specially tailored for card game lovers. It serves as a platform for the 13 cards Indian rummy online game. The website has been globally accepted by players across different geographies.

Recently the management committee of the came up with a fabulous idea of rewarding their players with cash bonus for various gaming activities; one among it is the payer's act of deposit. The players account will be credited with a cash bonus of 100% on their deposit amount for those players who are making their first deposit. On interrogating the officials they claimed the reason for the cash bonus was as a welcome gesture in inviting the players to play cash games.

The information about 20% cash bonus for the players from second deposit onwards was later revealed and it stunned everyone present there. An assurance was given by the marketing team about the 20% cash bonus. The team had demonstrated the functionality about the automatic credit of cash bonus into the player's account. And it was rocket fast.

When enquired about the deposit process, they showed us and simultaneously explained the process involved and proved it to be unlike other websites involving tedious process. The process seemed very easy, simple and hassle free. When asked about the use of cash bonus, the company revealed its use and said that cash bonus can be used to play cash games. The winnings in cash games can be further requested by the player for its withdrawal. The team disclosed that many rummy enthusiasts make use of Ace3 to make an earning and enrich their bank account with the withdrawal of their winnings.

Just like the deposits, the withdrawal procedure was much simpler. The withdrawal terms were crisp and clear and failed to be stringent. The documentation necessary for the initiation of the withdrawal didn't seem to be worth worrying and failed to be tedious.

The rummy experts clearly explained the legality and terms of the game which made many newbie to get acquainted with the game. The game of 13 cards Indian rummy is indeed a game of skill. The fundamentals of the game were very much understandable due to its lucid explanation by the support and testing team.

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