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Ace3 Announces 100% Cash Bonus on First Deposit Followed by 20% Cash Bonus on Every Other Deposits Made by the Player

Ace3 makes you really happy by announcing the date for cash games. It's good to hear that the player can play the games in dollars also they have changed the designs in their website.

Ace3 is a website that comes up with innovation and new promotions always. The website tries its level best to make Indian rummy players delighted and happy. There have been numerous occasions where the players have acknowledged Ace3 for having an exhilarating gaming experience.

Ace3 strives in giving the players a spell bounding gaming experience. Promotions at Ace3 can never be found in the outside world. Exclusive promotions can be extracted only and only at Ace3. The ultimate aim of the best online 13 cards rummy offering website is to make the players benefited each and every time. "Customers are kings", this is the slogan followed by the team of Ace3. Hence, the team comes up new fascinating promotions always. The players will now be rewarded with a bounty just for their deposit. The players making their first deposit will entertain a cash bonus of 100% the players will get double in return to the amount they deposit. The greater the deposit the greater will be the returns. and moreover the players have the privileges to make use of the cash bonus in playing cash games and withdraw their winnings.

The website aim not only at attracting their players but focuses on catering their rummy needs and requirements and bestows them with cash bonus or in any other means. This is the reason for the website coming up with an exciting promotional offer of 20% on the every other deposit. The players will be rewarded always at Ace3. This is not all the website launches festive promotions pertaining to deposits. For example the website announced a 100% cash bonus on the players deposit amount and this is not restricted to their first deposit alone. They can get this hefty sum for each of their deposit.
Other than these, the website rewards the players for bringing their friends to Ace3. The players and viewers are requested to have a glance at the promotions of the Ace3 which are beautifully crafted at the websites. Ace3 has been widely accepted by the rummy players due to its easy to use and understand. The website will gift their players for activating and registering their account at Ace3. There is daily login bonus too which increases the thrill. It is really enjoyable to wager online and not a single broad minded person can deny this fact.

If you have not yet registered yourself at Ace3 then it's high time that you activate your account and start exploring the adventurous game of 13 card Indian rummy. Grab your mouse and enroll yourself, have a glance at our promotional campaign and get showered with our cash bonus.

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