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Acclaimed Movie "NARC" Set for a Sequel for the Summer of 2015

The Executive Producer of one of the most highly acclaimed films of 2002, "NARC" - starring Ray Liotta and Jason Patric - Michael Z. Gordon has been tapped by My own Worst Enemy Films to write and produce the new version, "NARC - THE RETALIATION"

MOWE will sign on Keith Holland as Director, Misha Segal for the Music Score, and Dan Guardino as one of the co-producers, with offers going out to the actors, James Woods, Sam Waterson, Sam Elliot, Scott Adkins and Max Thierot, to take on the roles of the gangsters and bad cop for the sequel, "NARC- THE RETALIATION". The lead has not been cast as yet but all eyes are on James Franco.

In 2002, "NARC" grossed $10 million at the box office, and another $10 million from DVD's and Foreign sales. Twelve years later, Bobby, the son of the gangster Marco Tempe, has grown up and swears revenge on the cop who gunned his father down. 'To the living we owe respect. To the dead we only owe the Truth'. "NARC - THE RETALIATION" explodes from 'dead men tell no lies'!

The theme song for "NARC - THE RETALIATION", "Gun In My Hand", was written by Gordon, who has been a large part of the music industry from the very early years of his career when he formed two hit groups, The Marketts then The Routers. Gordon had top ten hits such as "Surfer's Stomp", "Apologize", "Let's Go!" and the million record seller, "Out of Limits", which ultimately won two BMI Awards, and then in 2012 a Global Music Award.

Coming in the summer of 2015, "NARC - THE RETALIATION" is sure to be one explosive follow-up movie to "NARC" from Michael Z. Gordon and My Own Worst Enemy Productions, in association with Americana Films. Negotiations with the stunt director/coordinator, Charlie Picerni Sr. for 'The Retaliation' are expected in the near future.

Australian actor Mick Preston, Melbourne, has been offered a role in "NARC - THE RETALIATION".

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