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After we introduced the third-party online payment platforms form Hong Kong--GlobeBill, we want to introduce the payment process of GlobeBill in this article.The main content about this article will let people know more about GlobeBill.

Previously, we have introduced GlobeBill, an advanced third-party online payment platforms which provides online payment solutions for the customers in an article in this site. And we are sure that the readers have known some details of GlobeBill. However, for the operational processes or the merchant processing , many of the online payment platforms users may still not be so familiar with, so here we give you a detailed introduction on the operational processes of GlobeBill.
First of all, the premise if you want to utilize GlobeBill for payment is that the foreign buyers should hold a visa or master credit card while the merchants have access to online payment channel of GlobeBill. And below are the operational payment processes of GlobeBill.

Step One. The foreign buyers pay on the merchant's websites, and then they enter their credit cards information in GlobeBill credit card payment interface;

Step Two. The credit cards information of the foreign buyers transmits to the bank. And then after the bank confirmed the information, the bank gives this feedback information to the pay channel;

Step Three. The pay channels further confirm the authenticity of the information, then give a feedback information to merchants, and the foreign buyers successfully finish paying;

Step Four. The merchants deliver goods timely according to the information left by foreign buyers, and then submitted to courier documents to GlobeBill.

Step Five. After the arrival of the goods, the foreign buyers sign the receipts and the transaction is successful;

Step Six. After the foreign buyers sign the receipts, GlobeBill will settle accounts of payment goods with the merchants.

We hope that after you have read the six steps of the payment operational processes of GlobeBill, you can have a complete understanding of GlobeBill payment operation. Moreover, with the extensive services that covers as much as 126 countries and districts around the world, GlobeBill will satisfy your demand of online payment.

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