Absolutely Audrey, the Top Shoe Accessory Company, Introduces Heel Chains and Heel Ring Styles for Shoes

Absolutely Audrey, a leading supplier of shoe accessories, has introduced heel chains and heel ring styles for shoes. This gives them more appeal to customers with different styles

Absolutely Audrey, one of the world's leading suppliers of shoe accessories, has just introduced heel chains and heel ring styles for shoes. This expands their catalogue further and it gives them even more customers.

When companies expand their catalogue, they usually add items that make them appeal to customers that wouldn't usually wear their items. That is exactly what Absolutely Audrey has done. By adding chains to their designs, it has made them appeal to people who have a more rock chick style to their wardrobe.

This style will appeal to those who want to change their look for an evening out, but they do not necessarily want to buy new shoes for this style. They can now buy the chain clips and clip them on and off as they see fit.

Surprisingly, the company indicates that these chains have been very popular for people who want wedding shoe clips for an alternative style wedding. The majority of their customers for this style, have been wedding customers.

Crisa Barriball was unavailable for comment at this time, but the company spokesperson added, "We are delighted that we have been able to broaden our horizons a bit, in terms of style. We are now able to appeal to new customers and people have liked the chain designs so far. The rock chick look was a growing trend last year and it looks to becoming more popular in 2014. We like to keep an eye on emerging trends so that we are able to focus our designs and sell more items. We are designing more and more items everyday and the aim is to have an extensive new collection by the end of the year."

Absolutely Audrey are very busy at the moment because they have just signed a massive distribution rights deal with companies in India and Indonesia. They are hoping that in the coming year, they are able to have even more deals with companies in other countries.

They are also very busy because they currently have a free shipping deal on their website. That paired with a more than half off sale, on selected items, has meant that they are working around the clock to fill their orders.

About Absolutely Audrey

Absolutely Audrey is a shoe accessory store, founded by Crisa Barriball. The company was founded in 2004 and they sell their items out of their online store. Even though they are based online, the company is actually based in Chicago and they have a team of dedicated workers who design the show accessories and answer customer queries. The brand is also carried by a number of popular high street stores. The company's namesake Audrey Hepburn is their design icon and when they design new items, they are only put on the site if they think she would wear them. The company has collaborated with many stores including Target and Zappos, with their Steve Madden line of designs. You can visit their website at http://www.absolutelyaudrey.com

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