Absolutely Audrey Makes Their Items Even Cheaper with the Deal of the Day

Absolutely Audrey, a leading online fashion store, is making their items even cheaper with their deal of the day offer. Sometimes the deals offer up to 50% off the original price of the item

Absolutely Audrey, a well known online fashion store which specializes in shoe jewelry, is making their items even more affordable with their deal of the day offer, which sometimes offers up to 50% off the price.

Absolutely Audrey update their deal of the day every single day, so their customers could make a saving on the new item every day, by just buying whatever item is on offer. They have all styles of items on their deals.

The deal of the day is easily accessed on the front page of their website. There is an icon on their main window and all their customers have to do is click the icon and it will take them straight to the deal of the day section. Then, they just have to add the item to their basket, check out and the item is theirs.

The discount on the deal of the day varies but sometimes there will be an item with 50% off the original price. They indicate that not all the items will have this much off the price though because they have an 'up to 50% off' disclaimer on their deal, which is well within their rights.

Having said that, their items sell when they are fully priced, so they don't have to have a deal of the day. They do so because they want their customers to know that they appreciate them and when they can, they will have a discount on their items.

A company spokesperson added, "Our deal of the day sale is always very successful. When an item is listed as the deal of the day, they generally sell out before the deal is over, so our customers have to get in there quickly. Once the item is sold out, the deal is over, but the customers know that, and they know that there will be another deal the following day, so they are happy. We will continue with the deal of the day for as long as we can."

Absolutely Audrey has got a lot of media exposure recently. They have been featured on television and in popular fashion magazines, so they are very excited about what the year ahead has in store for them.

About Absolutely Audrey

Absolutely Audrey is a shoe accessory store, founded by Crisa Barriball. The company was founded in 2004 and they sell their items out of their online store. Even though they are based online, the company is actually based in Chicago and they have a team of dedicated workers who design the show accessories and answer customer queries. The brand is also carried by a number of popular high street stores. The company's namesake Audrey Hepburn is their design icon and when they design new items, they are only put on the site if they think she would wear them. The company has collaborated with many stores including Target and Zappos, with their Steve Madden line of designs. You can visit their website at www.absolutelyaudrey.com.

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