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Abode Italy Prove Themselves with Italian Property for Sale

Abode Italy continue to prove themselves in a difficult market with Italian property for sale.

Abode Italy opened in 2007 with a team of experienced and knowledgeable real estate agents with a combined experience of over fifty years. Over the past few years this company has been making a name for themselves in a difficult property market.

The property market started to decline about five years ago and is still falling at a steady rate. Real estate agencies are struggling to move stock and find properties to list because no one wants to sell in such difficult times. This has been advantageous for this real estate company that sells everything from apartments in Rome to spectacular villas in Tuscany.

Abode Italy are still achieving their sales targets every month, constantly listing new Italian property for sale and marketing to an international audience who want to take advantage of the low property prices and invest while the prices are at their best.

At the end of last year the property sales market weakened considerably, yet Abode Italy continued to prove themselves, selling and renting out a host of properties while everyone were on tender hooks.

A spokesperson from Abode Italy advised us recently that they are expecting this fall in the property market to continue for at least another two years, it will then improve. This means that investors who have purchased property now will benefit in the near future.

Abode Italy have dedicated their time and efforts to appealing to an international market, welcoming overseas investors looking for holiday homes and investment properties throughout the area.

The company advised that Italy has become a top choice for investors, who are taking advantage of the struggling property market while it is down and then reaping the rewards when it picks up again in the next few years.

For sellers, Abode Italy is still achieving good prices for their properties, while their management team continue to rent out all styles of property on both long and short rental contracts.

The company offers a complete service which includes selling properties, helping buyers find the best property to meet their requirements and they offer a management service, handling rentals of apartments, mansions and villas.

Abode Italy say that even though the property market is not at its best right now, they can see a light at the end of the tunnel and are expecting another busy year this year.

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