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ABC's "Secret Millionaire" James Malinchak Interviews Business Motivator And Keynote Speaker, Chris Makell About Her Newest Book, A Smack Upside The Head.

In the new book, A Smack Upside The Head small business owners and entrepreneurs discover how your mistakes, missteps and mishaps can accelerate your business results.

During his recent Success Show series, James Malinchak, featured on ABC's Hit TV Show, "Secret Millionaire" and co-author of the top selling book Chicken Soup for the College Soul sat down to talk with Chris Makell, the Entrepreneur's Think Bigger Coach and creator of Exquisite Client Careā„¢ about her new book, A Smack Upside The Head.

The new book invites the entrepreneur and small business owner to discover the insider's guide to avoid the mistakes, missteps and mishaps on the way to your own Blazing Business Success. It provides a look at self-discovery, timeless business strategies and a proven system to ensure a successful and profitable business.

In addition to covering the highlights of the book's contents, the interview explores challenges not uncommon to most entrepreneurs and small business owners and reveals insights and success strategies from Chris' experience after 25+ years in high-level corporate positions at IBM and her more than 7 years experience as a successful entrepreneur.

"A Smack Upside The Head will help you overcome challenges, failures you've encountered and roadblocks that are in your way to achieving success faster than you ever dreamed possible," says James. See more at

The book is ideal for the entrepreneur and small business owner who is in startup mode, is an experienced business leader and someone who wants a refresher on the strategies and systems which unlock prosperity in your business and serve as a gateway to more "hungry" prospects and delighted clients who refer you.

"A Smack Upside The Head, Your insider's guide to avoid the mistakes, missteps and mishaps on the way to your own Blazing Business Success!" is available on for $19.95 and is filled with proven strategies, case studies, assessments and exercises to deeply experience the book's content.

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Chris Makell is an international speaker, author of the book "A Smack Upside The Head," entrepreneur, and coach/mentor to the experienced entrepreneur and small business owner. She has extensive experience as a business owner and more than 25 years in high-level corporate leadership positions at IBM.

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