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ABB Introduces Design and Color Change for New Era of Robotics

In 1974, ABB introduced the world's first all-electric, microprocessor-controlled industrial robot. During these last 40 years, the robotics industry has seen an amazing amount of innovation and incredible improvements. As ABB's product offer has evo

Back when ABB was introducing robotics products that were previously unheard of, it was felt the color orange was appropriate for safety. We wanted to help people remember that they were working with a powerful piece of equipment that was potentially dangerous. But times change, and ABB has to change with them.

We are now entering a new era of robotics, one in which collaboration between humans and robots is a reality. Recent advances in software and hardware have enabled a new generation of robots that can safely work next to people. In the past, a bright color was needed to keep humans away, but this new era of robots should be more welcoming.

"A new look that is both more modern and better suits the era of collaboration"

At the same time, ABB has changed as a company. We are realizing our unique ability to deliver complete global solutions, and the ABB brand is stronger around the world. A new design language and color ensures our robots are easily identifiable as ABB products.

"Today we are launching a new look that is both more modern and better suits the era of collaboration," says Per Vegard Nerseth, Head of ABB Robotics. "We call this new design language 'Dynamic Design,' and it is built around the concept that ABB provides efficient solutions for a dynamic world. Not only does the new look adopt unique forms and shapes, it also comes with a new color, Graphite White."

The best example of this design change can be seen in our recently introduced IRB 6700 robot (pictured above). From the curves on its arm to the new colors, the design language that all of our robots will adopt is evident. Starting in May of 2014 all of ABB's standard robots will ship in the new Graphite White color and every newly designed robot we release from now on will also be based on the dynamic design philosophy. Traditional orange will remain a free option through the end of 2014, but customers will still be able to order our robots in any color they want.

ABB Robotics is proud to have been such a strong influencer of the last 40 years of robotics development. With this fresh, new design language we are preparing ourselves for another 40 years of incredible innovation and strong collaboration with our partners around the world.

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