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ABAS Showcases New Version Of ABAS Business Software At HannoverMesse 2011

Visit ABAS Business Software in Hall 17 / Stand B62

ABAS Software AG and software partners will showcase the new version of abas Business Software at HannoverMesse, the world's largest industrial trade show, from April 4th to April 9th in Hanover, Germany. The new version includes smart improvements for ERP, DMS, BI, and is fully available on any mobile device (Iphone, Blackberry, Ipad, etc). Despite new enhancements, the system is still simple to use, visualizes process and real-time data, and remains upgradeable to embrace any changes on the market.

Partner Country 2011: France

France, which is partner country to Hannover Messe 2011, will be using this invitation to present some of the innovations developed by French industry at the world's largest technology show. ABAS PGI France S.A.S., local abas software partner, will be present in Hall 17/Stand B62 to engage French companies who want to upgrade their ERP system to abas Business Software and to customers who are currently rolling-out abas Business Software in France.

Mobile access to business data

Mobile access to business data is essential for many companies and a competitive advantage in sales. Using iPhone, iPad, or any other mobile device, visitors of HannoverMesse can experience firsthand how abas Business Software can support them using abas mobile solutions for your sales force.

Smart and user-centric business software

Each user of a workstation or workplace has different demands and tasks, pending on his role within the company. abas Business Software is role-based and therefore allows users to access data and information, which they need to do their job. Simplified screens can contain data from abas ERP, integrated DMS and BI packages or any other third party solution that is required.

The right ERP package - also for small businesses

ABAS and its software partners are tackling this challenge. The outcome: a package explicitly consisting of software and implementation methodology, which fulfills small business requirements. Contrary to the usual approach in the ERP market, "big ERP" was not simply slimmed down to create an entry- level solution. Quite the opposite! Especially for small companies, ABAS has defined best practices that can be provided in the system. Combined with a role-based and user-centric representation of relevant information, the implementation and training effort can be reduced dramatically, which has an effect on external as well as internal costs.

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