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ABAS Showcases ERP Software At Automotive & Supply Event In Györ, Hungary

abas ERP for Automotive & Supply Companies in Györ, Hungary

ABAS presented their 2011 ERP software at the automotive and supply software seminar for midsize companies in Györ. Many local automotive suppliers from Hungary saw the unique value of abas ERP for automotive and supply companies presented by abas customers from Germany, Hungary, and Romania.

Automotive investments in Hungary
Audi, General Motors and Daimler are some of the few motor vehicle manufacturers investing 100 billions of Euros, producing thousands of motor vehicles and creating thousands of Jobs in Hungary. All these manufacturers have many suppliers and race against time in the supply of parts. To fulfill the requirements of those manufacturers, suppliers have many advantages with abas ERP, such as JIT delivery schedules, ESP processing, EDI functionalities, automotive relevant blanket order management and many more.

Global network of abas partners
Also at the event present were abas software partners from around the world. "We have a unique network of software partners that perfectly reflects the global advantages of abas ERP: multi-language, multi-currency, multi-site, with an implementation method that delivers on time and within budget." explains Istvan Hoffer, Managing Director of InterJNet, local abas software partner in Hungary.

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