AAACBC Offers In-House Website Financing

AAACBC now helps start-up's and small businesses worldwide to get a professional web presence by offering in-house website financing. No excuses, not to be part of the world wide web.

In a struggling economy it is even more difficult for Start-Up's and SME's to succeed and owners of those companies need to cut-down on expenses on one hand, but on the other hand they need to invest in assets that will assure their long-term success. Having a professional web-site or -portal is one of these assets that are crucial to conduct business successfully in the 21st century.

"We try to do our part to help SME's to get a proficient web presence by offering them a convenient way to finance their website all in-house" said Michel Nilles of AAACBC and he added "I know from experience how difficult it is as a start-up to manage your limited resources and how important it is to make the right decision how to use the resources at hand as effective as possible."

The 12 months term of the financing will be made as convenient as possible for clients as they have to pay the first rate at signature and then each 01st or 15th day the month as they can choose between the following three payment options which are PayPal - Moneybookers _ 2Checkout. A detailed payment schedule will be provided if the financing is approved by the finance committee. Once the 12 payments have been fully completed the website will go over to the customers' ownership.

"Now everybody can afford to acquire a custom made web presence in 2012" added Michel Nilles to conclude.

Established in 2006 and originally operating as a commercial brokerage, AAA Commercial Broker and Consultancy Inc. (AAACBC) is a Cebu-based global Web design and business consulting corporation with representation offices in Chicago - London - Auckland that is committed to serve small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) all over the world.

AAACBC is run by a dynamic, creative, and inventive team of US, European and Cebuano professionals who use their collective expertise and knowledge to assure our clients of a thriving expansion. Join the AAACBC Community on Twitter and Facebook

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