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A2Z Vacations Reviews 3 Top U.S. Winter Destinations

Winter is fast approaching and for many areas throughout the north and eastern part of the United States, it is already here.

Winter is fast approaching and for many areas throughout the north and eastern part of the United States, it is already here. With massive storms affecting the east in the form of hurricanes and now winter storms, many travelers are left wondering, if this is what fall has to offer, what will happen this winter.

For the winter weary in the form of snowbirds who travel for months at a time and those who just escape for a week or two, winter is best spent where it is warm. For millions of people from the U.S., this means southern journeys to the Caribbean, the Pacific or just the Southern U.S. each year. Take a look at just 3 of this years top winter escapes and start planning now.


From its wine region to its culturally diverse big cities, California is as diverse as any state in the U.S. could dream. From its people to its activities, California is rich in options and a perfect getaway from the harsh cold weather of the northern states. Whether taking a trip through the big trees, driving the Sur, taking a trip on a cable car in San Fran, sampling some wine in Napa or just relaxing on the beach in LA California is easily one of the top winter escapes for any age.


Though not inexpensive what with the cost of flying today, the state of Hawaii is like a trip to another country without having to get a passport. With temperatures that range from the high 60's to the 80's year round, and with cooling tradewinds, bright sunny skies and crystal clear blue waters filled with millions of colorful corals and sea life, Hawaii truly is one of the most perfect winter retreats for anyone. Home to Pearl Harbor, an active volcano in a national park, culturally rich activities, fine food, festivals and perfect stunning views, no matter which island travelers choose, there is no wrong choice.


The sunshine state, home to hundreds upon hundreds of attractions, events and activities as well as history, theme parks, outdoors destinations and much more, Florida is continuously in the top of all lists for winter travel. The most traveled to state in the entire nation, even if you are not in the mood to visit a theme park, there are many other places and activities to choose from. From its world famous wetlands to it world famous beaches, cities dating back hundreds of years and even the fountain of youth, this is one state that travelers can never go wrong with.

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