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A Younger, Healthier Face Could Be Achieved In One 45-Minute Session!

With the advanced technology of Ultherapy now available, surgical procedures are not the only option when it comes to achieving a younger, brighter and healthier face.

Picture the ability to remove years of stress and aging from the face through a procedure that is more effective than any face cream with less healing time than standard plastic surgery. Technology has gotten us to a place where people who are afraid of needles can still enjoy a youthful appearance! Who wouldn't be anxious for further details?

Ultherapy was just approved by the FDA to lift lax neck and facial tissue. This means eliminating double chins, sagging skin on the neck and deep wrinkles that truly show signs of aging. This is also know as The Ultherapy Full Neck Treatment where results will be visible within a few short month with little to no recovery time! Forget being out of commission due to plastic surgery or even facing possible facial scarring. Ultherapy treatments utilize advance ultrasound technology that is slowly moved over the problem areas to create beautiful skin.

Most plastic surgeons rant and rave about this process since it proved better results than other non-invasive measures as well! Take Botox for example, who wants needles in their neck? Botox also does not allow for pinpointed precision like Ultherapy does. Specialists on television shows such as Rachael Ray and Dr. Oz rant and rave about the ease of this procedure, its safety, the ability to target direct layers of skin with Ultherapy and more!

December and January are perfect months to commit to an Ultherapy Full Neck Treatment. This 45- minute simple method will have you ready to wear those tank tops and t-shirts in the spring, with new, refreshed features! Cosmetic surgeons in Philadelphia have you looking your best in no time. Call (610) 405- 6303 or visit http:// for details or to book a consultation.

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