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Although the robin is the common Christmas bird, there are many different birds that will come along and feed from your feeders. So having a range of them can be really helpful.

During the summer, birds are mostly self-sufficient. They will feed on the plentiful berries in the bushes nearby; they will catch flying bugs on the wind and catch buts on the ground as they lay in the warm sun. They are able to travel from place to place, the warm sun beating down on t their wings and guiding them. This means during the summer it's likely that we don't see particular types of birds, or we see them very rarely.

The same cannot be said in winter. When the bugs are scares, the berries have gone, and the cold weather bites at the feathers of birds as they take flight. There are many reasons for birds to take refuge around you and your home in the winter time, if not just for the warmth alone. The food is a certain advantage.

Many different birds eat in many different ways. It is important to stimulate their natural eating habits. So this means it is important to vaguely understand different birds eating habits so you can then mimic them in your own garden, allowing a wide range of birds to eat comfortably from your own garden.

Some birds like to feed from the floor, so throwing feed on the floor of your garden - should there not be too much snow or frost - can encourage these birds to come along and eat from them. There are some birds who like to eat in high places, so hanging feeders up in tall trees can be the best for those. For some birds it is about being able to see everything around them all at once - this means a platform in the middle of the garden, where there are trees and bushes should the bird need to escape - is a really good thing to have.

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