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A Trio Of Poetic Genius Accurately Captures Daily Life In All Its Rawness.

HerJourney Publishing Company, Inc. authors, Nay Compton, T. Fletcher and Michael Johnson, combine poetic forces to capture the hearts and minds of their readers with a dynamic collaboration effort in "Signatures of the SOUL".

Poetry authors, Nay Compton, T. Fletcher and Michael Johnson, have published "Signatures of the SOUL," a 243-page poetry book that captures the essence of the reader's soul with poems highlighting relationships, equality, military life and much, much more. Each author's personal story can be felt as they touch on subjects considered taboo by many. Experience the power in every word as the poets release their truest emotions throughout their work. "Signatures of the SOUL" is a must read.

For a limited time (Monday, October 1st through Wednesday, October 31st) in honor of HerJourney Publishing Company's upcoming 2nd anniversary on October 10th, a paperback book version of "Signatures of the SOUL," normally priced at $15.97, will be available to the public for $10.00 at www.hjpbooks.com and www.amazon.com. E-books will also be available on www.bn.com and www.amazon.com for the special price of $.99.

While many poetry books are published every day, none reach into the depths of the soul by touching on hot topics that you read in the news daily with the sensitivity of each of these 3 authors.

About the Authors

Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Nay Compton is a published and degreed teacher, mother and military wife. She's also a proud Army Brat.

T. Fletcher, the youngest of five girls, has a degree in American Sign Language and currently teaches in the Houston school systems.

Michael Johnson, a prolific writer of poetry, songs and short stories, currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio where he was born and raised.

You can reach each author at sosauthors@hjpbooks.com.

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