A Tech Spin on Live-Interactive Dating using Webcams

The Alpha Company, makers of AmbientStream, a distance learning tool is seeking BETA testers for its new free interactive live dating system.

AmbientInteractions.com has been designed as a free tool for local singles to connect via video chat only. The Alpha Company seeks to create an environment that is easy, friendly and safe to use for those interested in video webcasting. "We are seeking BETA Testers to test our registration
system and load test servers." says Edward Melville, President. "We invite anyone who is tired of the usual dating sites, willing to try something a little different using a webcam, and provide feedback." The official launch date of AmbientInteractions.com is June 11th 2010.
Beta Testers can sign up by contacting: Edward@TheAlphaCompany.net and including "BETA Tester" in the subject line.

About The Alpha Company:
The Alpha Company, started in 2003 as a web development company based in Colorado, has expanded into the E-Learning territory with its flash based video webcasting system and learning tool, AmbientStream.com.


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