A Snowball's Chance in Pender County

North Carolina native and resident Greg Kendall claims he is not a sex offender but has been forced to register as one. As a result, his punishments have been endless.

North Carolina native and resident Greg Kendall claims he is not a sex offender, but has been forced to register as one.

He was charged with possession of child pornography in 2002, when illegal images were found on a shared computer. As the business owner, he was held accountable. This possession charge has a zero percent acquittal rate, so there wasn't much hope of winning at trial. He entered into a plea agreement, for a light probationary sentence. But things snowballed endlessly from there.

He has been through 11 months of prison. He was released on parole supervision which was not a part of his sentencing. He was registered under a mismatched section of law, needlessly frightening the neighbors. He paid to attend mandatory group counseling sessions for sex offenders. He learned to live with prejudice and hatred. And just when his life began to turn better, authorities ruined his wedding plans and yanked him back from a trip overseas with his fiancee. Then they extradited him from coast to coast, shackled in a van. They put him in jail three times consecutively, for the thinnest of reasons. Today he faces 3 new felony charges, fabricated from minor technicalities.

His crime was never defined as a sexually-oriented offense. None of these consequences were any part of the plea-bargain agreement that he signed. He never had any identifiable victim, nor any contact with any person related to his offense. But because he was wrongly labeled a sex offender, his punishments have been endless.

For the past eight years this conviction has totally undermined his career, his role as a father, his private romantic life, his role in the community, and his freedoms. Visit his website for an inside view of the way sex offenders are handled in our society.

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