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A Recent Study on Fruit Juices and Sugar Content Plus: Equipment for Fruit Juices, Where to Find High Quality Installations

In a recent study by two Scottish researchers different fruit juices were analysed; in particular their sugar content.

Is it really that high that they should actually be considered sugary drinks like soft drinks?According to the scientists, the answer is yes, even for pure fruit juice with no added sugar. The researchers say that the excessive consumption of fruit juices could therefore result in severe health risks such as an increased risk of diabetes.

The connection between fruit juices and soft drinks might come as a surprise for many. But in fact there is not much surprising about the results. Just as soft drinks, fruit juices contain a high amount of sugar.

The content of sugar in the fruits is already very high, when juice is made you need more than one fruit to collect enough juice. Drinking a pack of fruit juice is therefore equal to eating two or three fruits at a time. Even worse: As you only get a small amount of juice out of many fruits, most of the time water and sugar is added which increases the sugar content.

One could argue that fruits also contain fibres, minerals and important vitamines but unfortunately in many products they are lost in the production process.

Does this mean you should stop drinking fruit juice and offering it to your kids? The answer is no, this would go to far, but like with other products that contain a lot of sugar, the consumption should be limited. In the end fruit is good in whatever form says the NFHP, the National Nutrition and Health Program. However, they also state that the consumption of fruit juice does not replace whole fruits and the recommended amount of 150 ml per day should not be exceeded.

The importance of high quality equipment for the production of fruit juices

As we just learned, drinking big amounts of fruit juices everyday is not recommended. But of course you can enjoy a glass from time to time. Good to know is in any case that nutritionally some products are better than others. It is therefore important to differentiate between different varieties on the market; "Pure juice", "from concentrate", "nectar", "syrup" and "smoothies" are very different products but in general all referred to as fruit juices.

With consumers getting more aware of what they are drinking, producers of fruit juices have to deliver outstanding, high quality juices to stay competitive. This means ensuring safe industrial processes and equipment in compliance with food and beverage hygiene and safety regulations, such as the installations from Prisma Tech.

Prisma Tech is an Italian based company specialized in equipment for the beverage industry. They have been a reliable partner for many companies in the sector for the past twenty years. Among their product range is the equipment for the production of fruit juices with speeds between 200 and 20000 l/ h. The installations can be manufactured for automatic or semi-automatic operating. Respecting food health and safety standards, all parts that get in contact with the product are made of stainless steel.

For technical details and to find the best solutions and technologies for any project get in contact with the experts at Prisma Tech. (http://www.syruproom.com/)

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