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A Real Life Story of Finding Joy in Life in the Face of Death in the New Book Eighteen Months To Live

Eighteen Months To Live contains the journal written by Midge Rylander in her final months of life. The story takes us through Midge's last days in which she experienced pain and fear but also found peace within herself and joy in life.

The newly published book Eighteen Months To Live is the poignant real life story of Midge Rylander in her own words. Midge was diagnosed with malignant pleural mesothelioma which is a form of lung cancer from prior exposure to asbestos. After Midge was told that she had less than eighteen months to live, she decided to keep a journal of her thoughts, feelings, and experiences. When Midge's daughter Rachele recently re-read her mother's journal, Rachele realized that her mother wanted her journal published so that it could help others. Eighteen Months To Live is the transcription of Midge's handwritten journal as well as letters that Midge wrote to her daughter Rachele during that time. Rachele wrote the touching prologue, epilogue, and narration of the book.

After reading Eighteen Months To Live, one reader wrote on Goodreads: "For such a sad book, it is a happy book too. Although you know that Midge is terminally ill, and this made reading it weigh heavily on my chest at times, she is so full of life, hope and love, fighting the cancer that is trying to defeat her from the inside. It is an account of slowing down, of taking life each day at a time and appreciating the truly wondrous things around oneself in a way that we often don't get time to. It is a lesson to us all, to take that time, to enjoy it, to live in the moment and love those around us."

Eighteen Months To Live is available on Amazon.

About Midge Rylander: Midge Rylander lived on Lake Dunmore in Vermont from 1977 until she died in 1992. She moved to Vermont from California in 1963. Midge was employed for many years as a legal secretary and then worked for the trust department of a local bank. She has three children.

About the author Rachele Baker: Rachele Baker is a small animal veterinarian and writer living in southern California. She is preparing to write a series of books about medical problems in dogs and cats. You may request review copies of Eighteen Months To Live or connect with the author on her Facebook page or on her Twitter page.

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