A Promise for Diabetes Patients

A "light at the end of the tunnel" through HumaLink, a cloud based software that supports the Interactive Diabetes Control (IDC) which allows the doctor to better evaluate the medications necessary to regulate diabetic patient's medications.

For the past forty years, Dr. Michael Albisser has focused his life's work on helping all who suffer with diabetes. The untimely death of his father, and his natural inclination to help people, drove him to want to understand why diabetics develop eye disease, neuropathy and how this disease leads to amputations and kidney failure.

As a result of his extensive work in the field of diabetes, Dr. Albisser developed a software program that helps the Healthcare Professional regulate the prescription medications used to control diabetes. To bring this product to the world, a partnership with Renua Medical's™ CEO Michael Bianco was forged to introduce Interactive Diabetes Control (IDC) and HumaLink, the software that supports IDC. Working together, this system operates in the cloud and allows the doctor to better evaluate the medications necessary to regulate diabetes medications which can improve the health of patients and greatly reduce the negative side effects of the disease.

This groundbreaking partnership with Renua Medical™ allows a patient to simply upload glucose readings for the week into the system. The doctor reviews the information and medications through the cloud-based program and makes adjustments to the prescription(s) without having the patient in the office.

Standard diabetes care that is enhanced with IDC and HumaLink gives any diabetic, pre-diabetic, and those at the advanced stage a fighting chance. Doctors and patients have found that the system will improve a person's chance of success because it allows the doctor to evaluate the effects of medication changes in conjunction with the patient's current lifestyle choices.

More importantly, Renua Medical's™ CEO Michael Bianco is proud to provide a "light at the end of the tunnel" for diabetic patients through the Interactive Diabetes Control program. To find out more about IDC and other exciting products offered by Renua Medical™, go to www.renuamedical.com or call toll free 877-885-1258.

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