A Newly Established Company Charles Carpet Cleaning Announces Coverage of 10 New Areas

The new player of the London's cleaning industry Charles Carpet Cleaning announces its new additional and increased coverage. The management points out their further goals and expectations as well.

Charles Carpet Cleaning is a newly found company of experts from the cleaning industry, which decided to put a fresh start and develop a respectable brand. Although the cleaning agency is still not very popular, it decided to invest more and extend its coverage around London. Charles Carpet Cleaning's management picked 10 large areas in London and it's now proud to announce them to the public. The extended coverage includes the following parts of the city: Hampstead, Putney, Islington, Kensington, Croydon, Wimbledon, Chelsea, Enfield, Fulham and Chiswick.

Additional employees and cars are now operational to ensure a 24/7 support in the areas stated above. New sections in the official website have been created in order to guide and inform clients about the extended coverage. As a ever-developing brand Charles Carpet Cleaning is hoping to cover the every single area around London by the end of the year. The management is optimistic about the future of their business and want to set even higher goals for the next several months. An official representative of the cleaning brand Ben Walker said "We believe that hardworking, honesty and true professionalism can make our dreams come true. Our goals are set and we are ready to pursue them. I am very happy that I am able to work with people - professionals, who are devoted to their work."

Apart from being considered a new player in the cleaning industry, Charles Carpet Cleaning actually has very skillful and experienced people in charge. The company is determined to prove itself to their clients and provide them with highest quality of services.

For more information about Charles Carpet Cleaning please visit their website or contact them via the hot telephone line.

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