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A New Website To Guide Travelers About NYC

A website to help tourists with navigating New York City and choosing the tourist attrations to see.

A new website has been recently launched to the public. It promises to make navigating New York City easy for first timers.

It provides in-depth information that would be really handy for firs time visitors to the city - information about John F Kennedy (JFK) airport, LaGuardia airport, Newark airport, information on the layout of the city, how the streets are numbered, whether traveling in the Subway at night is safe or not, and a lot more.

The website also has detailed articles on the places of tourist attraction in New York City and the activities in NYC.

It already has detailed articles on Governor's Island, the Empire State Building, the Charging Bull of Wall Street, the Statue of LIberty and Ellis Island, Toys R Us at Times Square, the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), Broadway Shows / Musical, and more. It also has many restaurant reviews.

It is a new website, and it plans to add articles on many more buildings, structures, hotels, parks, sight seeing activities, etc in the near future.

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