A New Web Startup Spacenab Is Launched To Help People To Share Whatever They Know Through Writings, Photos And Info Graphics With The World

A new website ( is launched to help you to spread your words around the world. This website makes easy for you to share your knowledge, information, concerns, issues, photos, feelings and stories with world.

Spacenab is a Delhi,India based new web startup which is launched on 15th Jan 2014. This website has achieved a good success within one month of its lauch. It has 10k unique visitors and more than 4000 fb shares. Spacenab aim to create a worlds big community to share content easily with the world without any hack.

Some of the unique feature of this website.

1) Easiest way to share contents and infographics, and reach a wide audience.
2) Find and search for what interests you and broad your knowledge.
3) Discuss your concerns with others and get opinions on it.
4) Drive sales and leads to grow your company through your content.

Why we come to this idea?

We see the problem that people wants to share their personal knowledge, information, stories, contents, feelings, issues and some of their concerns with world but there is no exact platform for the same.

Now, people use Facebook, blogs, tumblr, twitter, LinkedIn, reddit, and slideshare but these entire platforms have their own limitations and limited to one's social circle. So, we decided to make a open content sharing platform.

People are also not able to find right audience for their content. Spacenab helps them to find the wide audience for their content and also drive leads to their company.

Just write and share your content with world and we will drive traffic for your content and will make your content go viral. You want your content went viral then this is a good website for you

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