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A New Hope Film Festival Finalist - Robert G. Pielke

Robert G. Pielke's time-travel, alternate-history, double-first-contact film script based on his science fiction novel, A New Birth of Freedom: The Visitor, is an Official Selection for the 2014 meeting in New Hope, PA.

** An Official Selection of the 2014 New Hope Film Festival** ("the Sundance of the east")

"We are honored to recognize the script! Fascinating story and the 19th century dialogue has wonderful verisimilitude, a testimony to the passion and skill employed in your project."


Written by award winning screenwriter, Kathy Krantz Stewart, the script is based on Robert G. Pielke's provocative book, A New Birth of Freedom: The Visitor, the first book of a time-travel, alternate-history, double-first-contact trilogy.

(It's a mouth-full, alright, but more than that, it's a mind-full.)

"It has taken centuries to recognize that all humans
possess certain unalienable rights.
There will come a time when we have to consider
whether others deserve those rights as well.
That time will come on July 3rd 1863,
the third day of the Battle of Gettysburg."

Imagine a time when a future generation of humans needs the help of a past generation in order to survive the threat of a planetary pestilence. Now, imagine further that what is needed is the combined forces of the Union Army of the Potomac and the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia. Imagine more specifically that they need these two armies -- especially their artillery -- for one day, and that day is July 3rd, 1863 -- at the Battle of Gettysburg.


"I Finished both whilst in bed with dreaded lurgy, cover to cover and will impatiently wait for 3rd. Mind you Mister Edwin Blair has 'legs' so will accommodate a great deal of your future writing time....huzzah! Great story telling pace and interest. minor characters full, and Lincoln a true hero with gravitas and humor, and Blair is complex and so human."

~ William Morgan Sheppard, actor in Gettysburg and Gods & Generals and numerous other films
See his filmography IMDB:

"a provocative blend of genres - speculative fiction, sci-fi and alternate history - that brilliantly uses the irony of slavery and prejudice in early America as a springboard to deal with considerably less obvious sociological issues that Pielke is convinced mankind will ultimately face - alien first contact and communication."

"The book is extremely intense once the Aliens arrive and I was so caught up and surprised that I was not ready for the book to end. He was able to combine a historical and accurately written science fiction book, which I found at times humorous, sad, intriguing and very thought provoking. The end of the book will leave you surprised and anxious for the next installment."

"Now this is Historical Sci-Fi that I can get excited about and I usually hate anything Sci-Fi related. The Visitor's strength lies in the dialogue. When Lincoln talks, it sounds like what I think Lincoln would say. When Robert E. Lee interacts with Blair, it feels real, not like total poppycock. Pielke has taken a pivotal point in our American history and created another outcome that I couldn't have imagined pulling off. Even better, he does it well."

"Comprehensively well organized, with every line and action focused on the story. The real draw is the mystery and excitement that pulls the reader into the story. His writing style is clean, precise, and perfectly well paced."

For interested investors and producers of this book to screen film, the contact information is below and at their websites.

Robert G Pielke
909-624-2965 Author
Whiskey Creek Press & Mcfarland & Co., Inc.

Kathy Krantz Stewart
310-691-9333 VP Acquisitions at Ytinifni Pictures
A World Wide Distribution Company
Listed on IMDB & SAG/AFTRA Member

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