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With great features like the social Dashboard, Tickets and Friends added to, it's now more interactive with a huge fan base.

With great features like the social Dashboard, Tickets and Friends added to, it's now more interactive with a huge fan base. More of the users are now inviting their allies and friends to the platform to show off their rides and discuss the latest car test reviews. is single social dashboard where people can upload two profile pics; one for them and one for their ride. The new ticket issuing system is more like a message service where you can issue Ticket to your friend. Chats, Groups and invitations are some cool features introduced to bring a larger audience to the site. The Dashboard serves as a social network where you can share your car passion with your friends. It's also an education advisor for young drivers on driving and traffic regulations.

Apart from the above, has introduced the Green Technology discussions into the site. Find the Green Technology tab in the auto reviews News section, and you can see articles and videos on current and upcoming green vehicles and technologies. You can contribute your ideas through the dashboard and also learn how to use this technology and how to be a Green driver. The site now promotes innovative green ideas and green cars from various manufactures. How some changes in the manufacturing and maintenance of vehicles can make your car green is also captured in some of the car manufacturers' videos. is a review site for young car enthusiasts and drivers focused on new designs, technologies and updates from the automobile industry. The site is a review hub for both new and used cars with an amazing car care feature. Get to learn more with car road tests, crash test and safety testing ratings from national agencies in order to help you make a smarter decision. See some of the amazing social media campaigns, auto show coverage, and car launch videos on the site. is owned by Zeid Nasser, a mechanical engineering grad and an avid car enthusiast. Zeid always came across people who were crazy about cars. That's when he thought to create to post car reviews and invite people to share their experiences & thoughts.
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