The "A Leg Up" offers secure, comfortable support for anyone who needs to elevate a leg.

Many people need to elevate their legs, such as those who have broken legs or sprained ankles, postoperative patients in a health-care setting, or those with diabetes or circulatory problems. Trying to keep a leg elevated in order to relieve the pain and swelling can result in uncomfortable positioning and pillows that slip and slide. A new product, A Leg Up, offers a comfortable, secure support for anyone who needs to elevate a leg. A seat cushion suitable for use with a chair or a bed in the side sitting position, A Leg Up is equipped with a horizontal extension support for either the right or left leg.

A Leg Up has a form-fitting, firmly molded seat and padded seat-cushion and an extension that can be used to elevate and comfortably support either the right or left leg. The cushion itself is made of a cool and breathable material and the bottom is fabricated in a contoured, hard plastic polymer. The leg-support anchors beneath the cushion, and this tubular extension supports either a flat, foam-covered pad, or a concave, foam-covered rest that not only supports but also protects the leg from moving. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer response to A Leg Up.

The Patent Pending A Leg Up was invented by Bridget Mulholland of Kennett Square, PA. The leg-support and the seat-cushion of A Leg Up are enclosed in a comfortable, breathable, machine-washable slipcase cover. Available in sizes small, medium, and large, A Leg Up can help anyone relieve the pain and swelling in the legs and feet.

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