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A Learning Management Suite That Is All About Personalized Learning

From Facebook and Twitter to YouTube and Instagram, social media platforms are all about a person's unique experiences and perspectives on the world.  

Why should online learning be any different? ELEARNINGFORCE's SharePoint LMS utilizes customized content to create a method by which employees receive business training using an efficient and cost-effective model. It empowers employees to keep up-to-date with certifications and competencies.

In many job fields, certifications in areas like compliance are a necessity. Other industries have a need to test new hires on their skills and competencies to see how they will best fit into the organization.

ELEARNINGFORCE helps administrators manage these complex issues through its SharePoint Competency and Certification Module (CCM). Part of the SharePoint Learning Suite, the CCM component is a personalized framework system backed up with the power of a full suite of learning management tools.
Benefits to administrators.:Ability to define company standards using a shared method.Able to establish mandatory and optional competencies for individual job positions.Easy to identify skill gaps or lacking competencies and then create an action plan to take care of any proficiency problems.Efficiently test employees on core competencies.Ability to connect employees with SharePoint LMS online courses that will help improve competency.Track certifications, online classes and competency levels by individuals, teams or departments.
Benefits to employees:Ability to learn at their own pace and tackle final assessments when they feel ready.Being able to quickly take care of re-certifications when they are set to expire.Ability to take additional course if they are interested in promotions.Able to know where company leaders stand on competencies and certifications.

Business managers and human resources employees have a lot on their plate their days. SharePoint's CCM is a way to simplify the workload and stay on top of essential competency and certifications issues.

Without a method like this in place, employee performance may suffer and the company may be open to legal action. SharePoint's CCM is simply a no-brainer in today's hectic business environment.

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ELEARNINGFORCE International - Microsoft ISV Partner of Year 2012. SharePoint LMS - Turn your SharePoint portal into a learning platform.

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ELEARNINGFORCE ANZ is proud to be appointed solutions partner for SharePoint LMS and UMS's User Management System in the ANZ region

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