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A Free Excerpt Of Raymond Spence's Comedic Novel, 'My Brother's Elastic Winkle ' Is Now Available Online At His "FreeFloatingMechanicalMan" Blog

Raymond Spence is pleased to announce that a sequence of chapters of his novel 'My Brother's Elastic Winkle' can be read for free and hopes that visitors to his site will enjoy the adventures of his two little protagonists.

The novel has already sold well in print version at lulu dot com and can be accessed on Lulu's search engine by title or author. Raymond feels that this new Eformat will allow his rollicking tale to delight even more readers, both at home and on the go. The film script version of the novel won an unheard of two back to back First Choice TV Script Awards and has been optioned in Vancouver, Toronto and New York.

In addition, material about other upcoming works of his fiction will be featured on the Spence Sense Blog when they are about to be uploaded for sale online. Spence has recently completed an alternative reality novel entitled THE LAZARUS GIRL and is now preparing to format it for Ereaders at Lulu, Clear Space and other retail online venues such as Barnes and Noble, Itunes, Amazon and SmashWords. The Lazarus Girl is a cross between Sixth Sense and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but has its own unique reality spin, which turns it into a cognitive cliffhanger. "The Lazarus Girl was originally in film script form, but I wanted to give it the full narrative and psychological treatment of a novel," Spence said.

At present Spence is working on a romantic comedic novel, IRISH SQUALLS, which will be completed by the end of the summer. Based in Ireland, IRISH SQUALLS has an underlying dramatic story and a surprise ending that is female empowering.

The multi chapter excerpt from My Brother`s Elastic Winkle`` is available at http://thefreefloatingmechanicalman.blogspot.ca/

You can contact Raymond at: celticwriter@inbox.com

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