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The esteemed New York City wedding photography duo from A Day of Bliss have just returned from a beautiful wedding in Davidson, North Carolina.

Located just twenty miles north of Charlotte, Davidson is a picturesque little college down known for quaint sights, community gatherings, and wonderful Southern Hospitality, It's quite a change from the busy hustle and bustle of New York City, but a welcome change certainly.

If you wander down the main strip, you'll be greeted by countless friendly faces. The avenue is lined with shops, "old timey" stores, and and 1950s style soda shop that provides a perfect respite from the southern sun. Yet, despite the inviting nature of this little town, professional wedding photographers Wolfgang Freithof and Chiaki Sato were in the area not for pleasure, but to create art.

Springtime in the south is a perfect setting for long promenades, picnics, and most importantly, weddings - and a wedding is what brought the team to the area in early May. A Day of Bliss offers customizable wedding packages which allow brides the opportunity to have an award winning duo of photographers capture their weddings on location.

Destination Wedding Packages put soon-to-be-wed couples in control. They have the opportunity to have their wedding in the location of their choosing, be close to family, friends, and loved ones, and have the photographer be there to capture all the details of their special day.

Whether you decide to have your ceremony in New York City, in your home town, or in a remote destination, the wedding photographers from A Day of Bliss can be there for you, capturing the beautiful memories of your special day, so that they last a lifetime.

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A Day of Bliss Wedding Photography
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