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With changing times, one need to advance in all ways and technology helps us do just that. When you want adventure and are tired of bikes being stolen

With changing times, one need to advance in all ways and technology helps us do just that. When you want adventure and are tired of bikes being stolen, and don not wish to push skateboards up the hills and over the notorious and uneven streets, the electric skateboard comes handy and the best way to move.

The electric skateboard was invented as a result of a clear goal which was to design a device which is faster and easier to ride than an ordinary skateboard. The Electric skateboard is much more fun and portable than a bike and can take you everywhere smoothly.

• Electric skateboards work on the self balancing technology - that is just lean forward to make it speed faster and lean backwards to make it slow. One wheel makes this advanced technology practically invisible.

• Electric skateboards are a revolution in riding and bring fun to your life which is completely magical, for both, surfing the waters or moving around town.

• Riding motorized skateboards is like snow boarding or surfing without any oceans or mountains.

• The Electric Skateboards gives you incredible feeling of adventure, fun and speed.

• All you get is a sublime feeling of snowboarding on a fresh powder day.

• You feel the same blood rush as when you surf the waves in the ocean. The main difference is with electric skateboards you can do it anywhere and any day.

You get one wheel skateboards and you also get two wheel skateboards for this purpose. The powerful sensors and algorithms that are sophisticated help you balance and control your ride with leaning forward or backwards. One who is experienced with skateboards can ride quite fast and in an aggressive manner within a few minutes itself.

Motorized skateboards are a combination of the best available technology coupled with comfort and fun to create a unique and true electric vehicle experience which is thrilling. The state of the art technology and state of art power electronics provide you with a smooth and responsive acceleration and regenerative braking.

Motorized skateboards are so well and uniquely designed and crafted, then integrated into the hub of the wheel, and manufactured to a very high standard of performance and finish, to provide you with a thrilling experience.

Electric skateboards are a perfect way to go for a late afternoon cruise, for weekend fun, for commuting to work. These electric skateboards would take you anywhere you want to go, in style. You only experience the awesome fun all along the way. The ride gives you an exhilarating experience undoubtedly.

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Metroboard Electric Skateboard
Metroboard Electric Skateboard
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