A Brief About Medic Legal Services

Medic legal services adhere to strict HIPAA and HITECH act guidelines to ensure that all medical opinions are accurately provided.


There are several legal and ethical concerns that influence what is and is not an appropriate use of medical records and documentation. Providing quality treatment to patients involved in assault cases, poisoning cases, suicide attempts, accidents etc., is many a time easy for physicians.

However, documenting them is often a challenging task as it leads them to face several problems in the court of law. Medic legal case examination, reporting and documentation are the legal responsibilities of all healthcare practitioners working in a hospital.

Though many physicians have queries related to the complex laws, policies and regulations that affect healthcare today, it is the prime duty of every physician to fulfill certain legal obligations in service as defined under law.

A doctor is well aware that any medic legal document once issued cannot be modified at a later stage as it is immediately sent to the police and the courts. However, the quality of medic legal documents is compromised due to lack of time, inadequate awareness about legal formalities and the busy schedule of the physicians.

Objective of Medic Legal Services

The sole objective of Medic Legal Services is to assist medical practitioners, insurance companies, attorneys, third party administrators, government entities and corporations by offering a variety of managed services, consulting and technology.

These services include analysis of medical billing, medical records and life care planning in order to address the specific litigation needs. The medic legal expertise spans a broad spectrum of injury related cases to ensure an unequalled product with a system that is tailored to fit every client's needs.

The benefits of Medic Legal Services are

1. Quick turnaround time

2. Detailed case analysis

3. Onshore & Offshore capabilities

4. Customized client services

5. HIPAA compliant

6. Easy transition methodology

7. Cost effective solutions

8. Scalability and reliability with high quality

9. Experienced medical professionals

Any questions on the case on demand are answered by physicians who are well qualified in different specialities.

They help to simplify all the complex processes of the medical industry by clearly listing the positives and negatives of their medical records review.

These services help to win most cases by having their physicians work in every step of the process. Their customized reports and medical record analysis gives all the necessary information that is required by a case.

The main aim of the Medic Legal Services is to create a unity among all medical fraternity, to create confidence among healthcare practitioners by educating them in medical law so that they can confidently treat patients in emergency without the fear of litigation issues.

Medic Legal services need to be viewed in the context of the broader health system. But this system does not always support the implementation of the Medic Legal services and hence the policies, procedures and programs that result in better care can often be implemented without many resources.

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