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A Breakthrough in Organic Gardening; UW-Madison Entomology Department Released Test Results

Recommending a Revolutionary New Way of Preventing Japanese Beetle; BugVibes™ Proven Successful at Controlling Japanese Beetles!

After many successful tests of a new form of organic pest control -BugVibes™- Japanese Beetle Kits- BugVibe LLC management was convinced that Japanese beetles were no match for BugVibes™! However, to prove the high level of effectiveness in preventing beetle damage to plants, they decided to run it by the pros at the University of Wisconsin-Madison's department of Entomology.

Well known for their Nutrient and Pest Management (NPM), Integrated Pest and Crop Management (IPCM) program, and Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM), the University of Wisconsin helps create and deliver innovative, cost effective and timely outreach solutions, and addresses critical issues regarding pest management, pesticide use, and nutrient management by Wisconsin farmers and landowners.

As experts on Japanese beetles, they were enthused to test out a new form of pest control, perfect for organic growth with no additions of pesticides, spraying (of any kind), trapping, etc. Professor Chris Williamson, a well-known expert in methods for fighting Japanese beetles for consumers and commercial endeavors, composed a rigorous test consisting of six rose plants with a BugVibes™ unit attached and six of the same type of rose plants without any units. To attract a high population of Japanese beetles, beetle pheromone and floral scents were placed amongst the rose. Roses were then grown according to the label directions. Plant health was monitored through a 30 day period corresponding with the peak activity of the beetles.

The results were completed September 6th 2013. After comparing the rose plants with the BugVibes™ units to the control plants, the studies indicated that BugVibes™ units "effectively reduced the extent of foliar damage to rose plants by Japanese beetle adults." Based on the successful protection of foliage, it was concluded that the physical disturbance of adult Japanese beetles using BugVibes™ "may be a viable non-chemical practice for protecting plants, and could become a part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs."

See www.bugvibes.com for more information on this breakthrough in organic gardening technology, how the kits work, additional pests controlled, and other important product details. For more information contact William Nicholson directly by email bnicholson@bugvibes.com or phone (262) 347-3137.


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