A Boxes' Life: Reincarnated

Before relegating that moving box for its next life in the recycling container, think about extending its life by giving it a productive role in your household for a bit longer...

After moving, most people can't wait to get rid of their old moving boxes. However, with a little ingenuity you can actually repurpose those old moving boxes into some pretty useful items. So, before relegating that moving box for its next life in the recycling container, think about extending its life by giving it a productive role in your household for a bit longer. Here are a few ideas that just might give your moving box an extended life in your home.

Storage-Everyone needs more storage! Long before being able to head out to the nearest Lowes or Container Store and picking up all those plastic tubs, cardboard boxes were the hands-down solution for storing everything. A good quality box can last years and can store everything from seasonal clothing wardrobe changes, documents, toys, etc. You can also make shelving with boxes by stacking them several rows high and storing, t-shirts, sweaters or toys in them. Dana Bowles, a customer service representative with Two Men And A Truck in West Chester, Ohio, states that she has many customers who use wardrobe boxes for seasonal wardrobe changes. Vinnie explains that wardrobe boxes can last many years and are tailor made for rotating hanging clothes.

Games and Toys-Give a box to a child and step back and watch! Boxes have been a favorite plaything for children for eons and when it comes to different ways to use the boxes, they will never run out of ideas. Whether they build a fort, turn it into a spacecraft, a costume of their favorite hero or build an entire city, they will always impress with their imagination. Chris Ramsey, a manager at Two Men And A Truck-West Chester said his children go wild with excitement when he takes used moving boxes home with him. He said his children have traveled the world in their Moving Box Jet Plane!

Arts and Crafts-With a bit of time and craftiness, cardboard can be used to make a multitude of gifts and decorative items. You can pick up self adhesive magnets from a craft store and make refrigerator magnets in a snap. You can also make a mobile to hang over a crib, a Manger Scene for Christmas and too many other ideas to name. Let your imagination be your guide!

Household Utility-Used moving boxes are ideal for many day to day tasks that arise. A good sized box with a soft blanket can make a great bed for your pet. Boxes can be used to sort clothing or be used as throwaway trash containers. If you suspect a leak under your car, place a piece of cardboard underneath to find out exactly where that oil spot is coming from. Broken down boxes can also be used to place under paint cans or on the floor during projects that might otherwise get paint on your flooring.

So next time you are finished with your move, have everything unpacked and you are ready to get those boxes to the recycling bin as soon as possible, remember that those boxes very well could have a quality second life within your household!

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