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A 24 Inch Wide Open Frame Monitor with An LED Backlit Panel

Caltron releases the LWT-2407O, 24 inch wide LED open frame monitor to replace the FWT-2407O. It can be used in open frame or touch screen monitor appropriate applications.

With the discontinuation of the FWT-2407O, Caltron has replaced the unit with an LWT-2407O, 24" LED Open Frame Monitor. An LED backlit monitor provides a power display with 250 nits and uses less energy to power the unit. It is great for applications that require a bright display while consuming less energy. All mechanical specs are the same as the previous FWT-2407O model, except that the LWT-2407O now uses an LED backlit LCD panel, instead of the traditional CCFL backlit panel, while still having the same robust and durable qualities as the FWT-2407O.

As technology keeps advancing, so does LCD panels to keep up with the technology trends. This always helps to keep all monitors up to date and function at a more efficient level.

Using the LWT-2407O 24" Wide LED open frame monitor is great for many industrial applications that require a large wide screen monitor or it can also be used in many digital signage applications. Gradually as time passes, technology keeps advancing and hence is the reason Caltron has introduced the LWT-2407O, 24" LED open frame monitor to replace the traditional CCFL backlit FWT-2407O. Add a touch panel to have an industrial touch screen monitor that can be used in a wide array of applications. With greater viewing angles along with a better contrast ratio, this monitor is definitely a better fit for any application, whether it is just an open frame monitor, touch screen monitor or digital signage application.

Test an LWT-2407O unit today and for more information, please go to or contact a Caltron sales representative by calling 510-440-1800 or by email:

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