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8 Ways Media SA is a Swiss-based media agency providing 8 main services including branding, web design, IT development, online and offline marketing, entertainment, IT Support and consulting.

8 Ways Media is a Swiss-based media and communications agency that provides 8 primary services to clients from across the globe.

These services are all-encompassing and include branding, web design, web development, online marketing, offline marketing, entertainment, IT support and consulting. Whatever your business needs or desires, you will be sure to fulfil them through 8 Ways.

This contemporary media agency was developed based on the concept of infinity. The founders wanted to create an agency that offered a holistic approach to business - somewhere where businesses from all walks to life could find precisely what they were looking for in a manner that would make a positive difference to their overall success.

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, 8 Ways Media has achieved unprecedented accomplishments in its history as a business. Within the Swiss market this company is defeating all other agencies in terms of price, quality and responsive customer service. And the future looks set to grow even stronger for this inspiring and innovative company.

They have attracted internationally renowned businesses including Danone, Logitech, Nivea, Wilkinson Sword and Energizer, and their popularity as a wide-reaching media and communications agency is set to grow even further.

8 Ways' success is based on a number of factors. First of all, the 8 Ways Media work ethic is taken very seriously and their biggest strength comes from the talented team of individuals who provide an endless supply of fresh ideas and creativity. Teamwork, technology and expertise fuse together to create a service and quality that will help drive your business to unparalleled heights.

By partnering with 8 Ways Media you will be starting a valuable lifelong partnership that will help you to connect with your target audience and elevate your brand. The 8 Ways priority is to use the infinite expertise, connections and resources available to them in order to enhance your business and increase your bottom line.

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