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72equity's Affordable Small Business Plans Are Not Just For Dummies But All Cerebral Entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs looking for business plans templates, freelance writers, or a lower end 'dummies' guide on business plan preparation may be missing out on key details that 72equity.com assists with that results in financing

72equity.com loves working with startups and established companies on navigating their goals in raising capital to start or expand their companies. The company feels all entrepreneurs are created equal and the seed of their success is based on an effective business proposal that communicates ideas clearly to investors.

A lot of freelance writers and writing companies are limited to business & marketing plans. There is little in the form of digging into entrepreneur's core operations, investor leads strategies, and filling in the gaps of strategy to successfully raise capital and provide a successful exit to investors.

Many entrepreneurs do not always make an emotional detachment from downloading a template and think they can beat the system in writing their own plans

"We have many entrepreneurs who thought they can either download a generic template online to write a business plan or they paid some low cost expert $500.00 for a third tier business and marketing plan that needs a makeover from page 1", states Yuri Rutman, partner at 72equity.com

"We sometimes like to have our own skin in the game by partnering up with entrepreneurs and discounting our fees on great startup ideas", adds Rutman.

"We also provide progressive management consultant in filling in the holes that many entrepreneurs may have in their business plans, including providing innovative risk minimization strategies and exit scenarios for investors", adds Yuri Rutman, managing partner of 72equity.com.

72equity.com is a business consulting, strategy, and marketing company that assists startups, non-profits, and established companies in raising capital from angel investors, SBA Loans, and Venture Capital.

The company is industry neutral in that it customizes business plans and capital raising strategies for everyone from startup-pre IPO technology companies to restaurants to film producers to manufacturing companies to candy manufacturing startups.

"We provide a free no obligation consultation to all entrepreneurs and see if we can work within their expectations, budgets, and goals", adds Rutman.

The company can be contacted at http://www.72equity.com or 888-341-6888

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