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Writers are now able to reach a huge audience without having to find a publisher. Our Everchanging Story is a fiction book which can be written and edited by anyone who wants to. Authors can publish their own stories through a forum and a online-shop

A new generation of publishing books has begun. With the release of Our Everchanging Story on the 26th of January, the whole world can come together and work on a story which anyone can write or edit.

While it is amazing to see what the fantasy of a single human mind can create, we are now about to find out what a story written by thousands of people collaboratively would look like.

So far the only comparable project is WikiBooks. However, these books are limited to textbooks of any kind. Our Everchanging Story brings the concept of a collaboratively written text to a new level by providing means to create a book which every human being has an interest in. People are storytellers and since the book does not have any restrictions on what to write about, this project is interesting for anybody who has an internet connection.

But that's not everything there is to say: in addition to the story itself, the website also provides a forum in which writers can discuss things such as how the story shall continue, how a specific character should be developed and so on. Furthermore it also provides them with an opportunity to share their stories, which makes it possible for them to build their reputation as a writer among the community.

This ability to prove your writing skills to the members of the community plays a significant role, because the website also has an integrated function for selling one's own books. Right now the function is still in the development phase, but it will be completed in the upcoming week. Thus, once the community has grown big enough, it will be possible for an individual author to publish his or her own books through the website and possibly distribute it among thousands of people without having to find a publisher.

All of this means that the website has the potential to revolutionize the publishing industry. Instead of struggling to be published, authors will be able to prove their writing skills to customers directly by contributing to Our Everchanging Story and through the forum. Finally this builds the trust necessary for a customer to make a purchase.

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