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66 Million American Dieters Are Screaming for More of Their Own Foods

The Majority of Dieters Are Rejecting Weight Loss Programs Prescribed by Weight Loss Centers and Healthcare Professionals

According to one market research company that specializes in weight loss and diet control, 80 percent (or 86 million of the 108 million) dieters in the United States want an inexpensive, low cost, and home-based plan for losing weight. Included in that percentage, 66 million dieters want to use regular foods from their local supermarket versus foods produced by weight loss centers and healthcare professionals.

Marketdata Enterprises, Inc. predicts dieters to stay on a weight loss program longer to reach their goals due to the economic recession in the United States. More people have turned to lower-priced fast food and comfort food which inhibits weight loss. Where the most common starting weight loss class has been 150-174 pounds, the current starting weight class is 175-199 which prolongs weight loss goals.

Two-thirds of the United States has been declared overweight and/or obese by the United States Health and Human Services agency. Due to the new research, Americans are not receiving what they need. Therefore, the epidemic will only grow especially with unemployment rates, inflation, and nearly half the country being on some form of government entitlement (i.e., welfare, food stamps, etc.). Providing a healthy diet for an American family can cost upward of $1,000 per month, which is more than the average family is willing to pay or can afford. In addition, the current economic status has created a depressed state for many Americans. With that comes the cravings for unhealthy comfort foods to satisfy brain chemicals called serotonin which makes one feel content and happy.

While dieters are rejecting expensive weight loss programs, there is a need for eating healthy at home. The problem is that most Americans don't know where to begin.

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