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55% Of Adult Population Now Taking Food Supplements

The Healthcare Financial Management Association has recently released a new study that sheds light on consumer supplement intake in the UK.

A recent study released by the Healthcare Financial Management Association, dubbed the "Health Of The Nation Survey", has provided fascinating insight into the dietary habits of US residents. According to the research undertaken by the HFMA, 55% of the US adult population is now actively taking food supplements. In concrete numbers, that equates to approximately 28 million individuals. When compared to data collected last year, this is a 9% increase in the number of active supplement users, a strong indication that supplements are becoming increasingly popular here.

The HFMA, a non-profit organisation based in Westchester, Illinois, includes over 39,000 members, ranging from CFOs to accountants. The HFMA is widely considered to be one of the most important financial organisations within the healthcare field in the US. For many, the HFMA represents a vanguard of innovation and critical thought in a constantly shifting industry.

The Health Of The Nation Survey is considered to be one of the most comprehensive and informative data sources for healthcare professionals wishing to learn more about the non-institutionalized civilian population of the country. The data collected through this survey is an integral element of a variety of further studies and projects undertaken by the Department of Health and Human Services in the United States. Although the survey has been in existence for several decades, the material presented on the questionnaire provided to participants is updated relatively infrequently, roughly every 10 to 15 years. The full content of the most recent survey will be presented to the general public soon.

For some, these results won't come as much of a surprise. Consumer habits have always included a preoccupation with food and diet-related products. As awareness of proper nutrition and lifestyle habits continues to grow, it stands to reason that supplements will continue to gain presence and "legitimacy" in an already crowded and competitive marketplace.

Supplements are one of the more popular "natural" health solutions available on the market today. Depending upon an individual's specific needs or concerns, a variety of supplements may be recommended. The relative abundance and affordability of supplements has also helped them to establish quite a solid presence in the marketplace.

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