529 Day Webinar Attendee Wins $529 for Children's College Savings Plan

Mother of Twin Daughters Wins Money for Children's College Fund

The unofficial college savings day, May 29, better known as "529Day", intended to raise awareness about 529 College Savings Plans. This year hosted a free 529 plan Q&A webinar with "529 Guru" Joseph Hurley, raffling a $529 GradSave gift card that can be used for any 529 plan nationwide. The team is happy to announce Nicole Johnson of Meridian, Mississippi, a mother of 2 beautiful twin daughters who recognizes the importance of education and chose to attend the webinar, has won the $529 scholarship.

Nicole says "Education is the most important thing for one to possess, it is something that no one can take that away from you and I want my children to have the best in life". Mrs. Johnson's daughters may only be 8 years old but already know what they want to be when they grow up; Nichelle wants to be a doctor and Nikayla hopes to be a beautician. Mrs. Johnson hopes her new winnings and her daughters GradSave profiles will give her the boost she needs to save for their education costs. "I wish I would have known about GradSave earlier but I am glad I found them, I plan to use GradSave from now on, especially for birthdays and holidays to minimize the amount of toys" says Mrs. Johnson. Nichelle's GradSave profile can be found at http://gradsave.co while Nikayla's GradSave profile can be visited at all gifts are welcome and will be solely used for college.

A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged investment vehicle in the United States designed to encourage saving for the future higher education expenses of a designated beneficiary. 529 plans are named after section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code created in 1996. was launched in 1999 as a college savings guide and has been providing helpful resources to thousands of visitors each day since.

GradSave is the #1 College Savings Registry with over 8,000 families saving for college using the crowd-funding platform. For more information please visit

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