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5 Star Environments Discusses NYC Bed Bug Issues With ABC Television

5 Star Environments CEO Steve Hawkins appeared recently on Good Morning Amreica as well as ABC's Eyewitness News to discuss the recent outbreak of bed bugs in New Yor City businesses.

While most of us think of homes being infested with bed bugs, a larger number of businesses in New York City are reporting infestations as of late. In fact, many are calling in the experts to correct the problem. Some are even closing there doors to customers until the problem is cleared.

ABC Television's Good Morning America caught up with 5 Star Environments CEO, Steve Hawkins, to discuss the canine detection of bed bugs, a popular method in locating the tiny parasites. "I wouldn't go ahead and say that you had bed bugs until I find evidence that there is something there," said Hawkins, as he explained that the dog is one of many tools used to determine the presence of bed bugs.

A second segment was also aired on the local Eyewitmess News broadcast. To view the segment online and learn more visit:


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