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Among the most popular beauty accessories for the fashionable, modern woman, are cosmetic contact lenses. Compared to regular contact lenses, cosmetic lenses are available in a variety of styles that enhances the look and color of your eyes. Some cosmetic lens styles also come with corrective properties, meaning they can be worn to enhance vision. These cosmetic lenses, more commonly known as Circle Lenses, usually have a larger diameter, unique textures, and captivating colors, that make them the beauty-enhancing accessories that they are. A few important factors to consider when wearing lenses are the quality and water content of the lenses.

AngelContacts exclusively carries genuine circle lenses designed to compliment all types of eye color and eye shape. This Canadian company offers a collection of some of the most popular styles, from bold, to natural looking lenses, that even people who are not naturally blue eyed or brown eyed can use to enhance their entire look.

AngelContacts is an authorized reseller of GEO brand circle lenses - the first brand of color contact lenses in Asia to get certified by Health Canada and approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States.

The AngelContacts GEO Circle Lens series consists of lenses that measure 14.2mm in diameter, which means they give a natural and noticeable enlargement to the iris. The lenses made using a special dye process, adding colors and textures without sacrificing the breathability of the lens, allowing more oxygen to pass through. As a result, wearers can have enlarged, gorgeous eyes without compromising long-lasting comfort. From the most subtle GEO Nudy or Olive series, to the boldest GEO Angel or Magic series, wearers can customize and redefine their eyes, anyway they want.

AngelContacts currently ships to Canada and the US, and has been renowned for their exceptional customer service and quick shipping times. Offering avid customers a must-grab money-saving treat, is offering the 5% price markdown for all GEO Circle Lens orders by simply using the "fiveoff" coupon code during checkout.

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