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5 Masculine Mindsets Women Naturally Find Attractive

Research uncovers how women are evolutionarily hardwired to feel attracted towards certain behavior traits displayed by men.

Here is a truth that most women never want to hear and most men will never know about: in nearly every major city in the world, there exists an underground community of men who specialize in one thing, how to seduce beautiful women. In less than 5 years an "almost science" of seduction has developed and these underground communities of men practice day and night these devastatingly effective techniques that seduce and make women happily fall for their charm. This is not fiction. This subject exists, these men exist, and they are pushing the boundaries of this coveted science by inventing new philosophies and techniques everyday. And Shafin de Zane, the author of Redefine Your Reality, a Hypnotherapist turned self help guru spent almost 3 years learning all about seduction, mind control and attraction from some of the most powerful "pick up artists" of the world.

This is also the story of a recent bestseller The Game where another bestselling author Neil Strauss spent 2 years and uncovered some of the dirtiest secrets of the pickup community. The result was a worldwide bestseller and a string of "how to" products by Strauss.

But de Zane did not stop with just learning and writing the chronicles of his journey. Instead of simply teaching (or enjoying) the fruits of his research, de Zane began digging deeper into what creates attraction and how we are evolutionarily hardwired to feel attracted towards people who exhibit certain specific mating behavior. His subsequent journey through evolutionary psychology, human needs psychology and brain sciences gave give birth to his latest home study course 5 Essential Mindsets Of Magnetically Attractive Men.

If you want to get a PhD of masculinity, this program can help you achieve that in matter of days. What de Zane uncovers in this audio course is that we as a species evolved to value certain traits over the others. Men and women both exhibit specific mating behavior in presence of a suitable mate that communicates their mental and physical fitness and also their potential value as a long term partner. This program first reverse engineers human mating behavior to identify those specific mindsets and then guides the listener towards integrating those mindsets within their personality.

The program contains 3 modules, out of which the longest is the lecture and coaching that lasts about 9 hours, one is a hypnotic age regression session of about 35 minutes and one is a unique 1 hour mind programming session that installs all the key ideas from the lecture series.

With advice to help singles learn more about themselves, what could have gone wrong the last time and how to find someone who is compatible, this home study course also focuses on how to change existing relationships, not through clever techniques, but by becoming the man women naturally desire.

Retailing at $97, the 5 Essential Mindsets Of Magnetically Attractive Men is available at

Overall, this is a must experience for all men ready for the big game.

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