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5-D Joyfest Delivers Unconditional Love For Free

An offering of unconditional love in Encinitas, CA for free on the dfay after Valentine's Day, Saturday, February 15th, featuring Tom Kelly, founder of The Soul of Yoga

The Soul of Yoga, a spiritual yoga studio in Encinitas, CA, is staging an unconditional love workshop, named the 5-D Joyfest, this Saturday, February 15 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

This offering of unconditional love is free to all who attend.

The yoga studio is located at 6727 Encinitas, Blvd in Encinitas, CA.

According to the Soul of Yoga founder, Tom Kelly "During the JoyFest Workshop everyone attending will experience unconditional love for themselves."
Tom adds that everyone will also receive:
~An immediate infusion of High Joy Vibrations
~2 hours of Pure Soul fun!
~Heart to heart interactions for unconditional love
~Movement and mantras that lift your spirit.
~Making high quality friends.
~The tools needed to feel love and acceptance.
~A technology created for happiness, the true nature of the Soul
~Exercises to free inhibitions and find laugher and joy again

Additionally, the workshop offers" live love streaming, a soul awakening, hearts on fire and highly contagious happiness concluded Mr. Kelly.

For more details about the 5-D Joyfest Workshop delivering unconditional love, visit register for the Free event,


Marcia Frescura, Director of Kundalini Yoga at the Soul of Yoga adds, "It's time to spark your soul—the day after Valentine's Day"

This 5-D Joyfest of unconditional love, taught by Tom Kelly, also makes one think of the powerful words by David Hawkins, M.D., Ph. D. "Rarely does the average person get to experience love without fear or pure joy, much less ecstasy. But these higher states are so powerful that once they have been experienced, they are never forgotten, and therefore, are sought ever after."

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