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$49.50 Local Deals To High-End Shows In Las Vegas

Locals reside in Las Vegas for a reason. One of those anticipated reasons includes local discounts to tourists attractions with state identification!

Many people frequently wonder what locals do in Las Vegas. Outsiders jump to the conclusion that people who reside in the state of Nevada are constantly exposed to the Las Vegas strip, tourists, and overly priced outings. This is sometimes true, but not always the case. The state of Nevada steadily holds a population of more than 2 million people and there has to be a reason right? All people who actually reside in Las Vegas do not go to the strip every weekend and simply live in the area to party hard all the time. Numerous people hold steady, normal jobs, have children and lead a lifestyle they would lead anywhere else. Many hotels and businesses on the strip wish to encourage locals to come to the strip more often since so many of them tend to keep away from it, thus this is where local deals come into play.

One of the top Las Vegas shows is Cirque Du Soleil. Those who live in the area know the show has basically taken over the Las Vegas strip. Numerous variations of the performance can be found anywhere from MGM to Treasure Island. These talented performers tell a story with their bodies that one simply cannot forget. The original Cirque Du Soleil is Mystere and it is one not to be missed.

Imagine living in Las Vegas for a significant amount of time and not seeing an award-winning show. Numerous shows come to people's minds when they think of Las Vegas. Not only is Cirque Du Soleil a showstopper, so is the Blue Man Group and many of the sexier varieties. This is why numerous shows and hotels blend together to get locals the best deals so they can still live lavishly every now and then.

A perfect example of a locals deal in Vegas is tickets to Mystere. With a Nevada state-issued form of identification, locals can enjoy 2 for $99 ticket specials! Call 702-894-7722 or visit to book tickets today.

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