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4 Men Accused Of Selling Illegal Hair Growth Solutions

4 men have recently been accused of selling non-FDA approved pharmaceuticals via the internet.

Four men have been charged in federal court for selling home made hair re-growth drugs on the internet. Two of the accused, from Whittier, California are accused with making and selling the drugs and the other two accused, from Orem, Utah, are being accused of taking over the illegal operation after the California brewers pulled the hair formula from the market in the wake of a government investigation.

Richard Lee and James Dorisu, of California and Min Kim and Alexander Ahn, of Utah are all being charged in a U.S. District Court for Utah with conspiracy to introduce misbranded drugs into commerce.

Lee originally created the formula for hair growth and began selling it online with Dorius in 1996 through their company Regrowth. The partners failed to register their company with the Federal Drug Administration and never sought out the FDA's approval for the products even though some of the product contained active pharmaceutical ingredients.

The FDA began investigating Regrowth in February of 2011. At that time Lee agreed to permanently close down the Regrowth operation and send out urgent drug recalls to all of their customers. By that time there were nearly 58,000 bottles in commercial circulation.
In March of 2011 Kim traveled to California to meet with Lee and Dorisu to discuss the purchase of Regrowth. In April, Lee traveled to Orem, Utah where he delivered all of Regrowth's products and equipment to Kim and Ahn. He also instructed the pair on how to make the Regrowth hair product.

Kim and Ahn created Minoxidil Solutions without FDA approval and began celling the hair growth treatment. The pair agreed to pay Lee and Dorious 50 percent of all revenue.

Consumers of hair growth treatments are strongly urged to research the products and procedures they purchase. For more information about safe hair growth options that are approved by the FDA and performed by liscensed and trained physicians contact Nu/Hart Hair Transplants at 1.800.833.1964

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