4 Dice: Fraction Game for iPad & iTouch Coming in December to Make Complex Math Fun for Students

Up for a grand launch in December, 4 Dice: Fraction Games is an app that lets students solve mathematical problems involving fractions in a fun and engaging way.

With all its formulas, calculations and computations, mathematics can be very challenging. For many students, however, mathematics - along its many other complex facets - is one of the most nerve-wracking subjects to learn in school, especially among people who are not so good with numbers.

When taken from a different perspective, it is possible for math to become a fun challenge in itself, as opposed to offering a difficult problem. Making a fun game out of math, for instance, allows students to apply what they know and creates a positive mathematical environment. Games that offer shared experience reduces prejudice toward other students, while also creating a sense of belonging to ignite motivation.

A new math fraction app will soon make it fun and easy for upper elementary and middle school students to learn about help adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. "4 Dice: Fraction Games" is soon to be launched as a smartphone app in December 2012.

Detailed at, "4 Dice: Fraction Games" is the 2nd in a series of math fraction apps designed by Justin Holladay, a middle school math teacher from Canada who loves math and wants to share it with others by venturing into game development.

"Math games, be it a file folder game or even an iPhone app, is an exceptional way to engage students," Justin says. "My goal is to replace the current drill and kill tools that teachers currently use with interactive games and activities that will help students practice math in an engaging, highly involved way."

The 4 Dice fraction game for iPad & iTouch also supports math instructors in effective teaching. By being a high order thinking game, 4 Dice challenges students in a fun way. More than that, progress reports are sent to teachers to assess progress and target individual weaknesses. A built-in whiteboard is also a main feature of one of the best fraction apps for kids to give students a place to work through problems.

To learn more about the soon-to-be-launched fraction game app for students, please visit for information and updates.

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